Founded in 1989 by trombonist and arranger, Randy Zimmerman, Jazz Puerto Rico, aka Jazz PR, began as an instrumental latin-jazz project in Austin, Texas with original band members Willie Hernandez on percussion, Richard Trinidad on piano, and Israel "Junior" Cedeño on bass. The band was expanded to include Joe "Songo" Marrero on congas, along with James Lakey and Armin Marmolejo on trombones.

Jazz PR was given their first gig by Steve Hilz at The Hole In The Wall on the drag near UT. Soon after, Marc Katz, owner of Katz's Deli, offered the band a well-paid steady gig at his club, Top of the Marc. The band's repertoire grew to include traditional Puerto Rican salsa dance music, which began a period of backing various vocalists, including Willie Hernandez, José Candelario, Pedro Cruz, Luis Diaz, and Willy Santiago.

During these years, Jazz PR introduced salsa music to three popular Austin clubs: Borinquen, Calle Ocho and Miguel's La Bodega. Since that time, the group has been performing frequently in El Paso, Texas where Willie Hernandez lives. There are now Jazz PR branches in El Paso, Austin, and even San Juan, Puerto Rico where, with the help of several Jazz PR ex-patriots, their third recording was produced.

Jazz PR recordings on the Arzee Reckerds label include: Changüiri (1991), La Brisa Del Sur (1996), Willy Santiago Con Jazz PR - Regreso A Borinquen (2001), and Homenaje al Cantante de los Cantantes. (2016.)